ELEMASYN® is an International non-profit organization with headquarters in Athens, Greece.

We organizes International Student Conferences aiming at student activities that broaden students’ intellectual horizons and has a widely known educational vision.

ELEMASYN® offers a diverse educational experience that can have numerous benefits for students and educators alike. By integrating multiple subjects, we provide students with a well-rounded education and help them make connections between different fields of knowledge. Our Student Conferences foster an environment that embraces cultural diversity and promotes intercultural understandingtolerance, and empathy among students and educators. Furthermore, students are exposed to global perspectives and international issues can broaden their horizons and help them become responsible global citizens.

International Student Conferences

4th International Student Conference


Student Conferences are educational initiatives that offer numerous benefits for both children and Teachers.

With the initiative of ELEMASYN®, International Student Conferences focusing on the Cultural Capitals of Europe are held every year.

This important educational action provides children with the chance for experiential learning. Moreover, through preparing their projects, students have the opportunity to understand the concept of research and the value of teamwork.

The 4th International Student Conference is scheduled to take place from March 6 to March 10, 2025, in Padova, in Italy’s Veneto region.

Through the subjects selected for their projects, students will have the opportunity to delve into the rich culture of Veneto, its natural beauty with unique architectural elements, and its significant contributions to science and education.

Conference Information

The Conference

Every year, ELEMASYN hosts one International Student Conference.

Following the successful Conferences in Florence and in Prague, we’re gearing up for the 4th International Student Congress, set to take place in Padova, Italy!


Your Participation

Participation in International Conferences is exclusive to schools, meaning reservations can only be made by supervising teachers.

Discover how your school can get involved.


The Projects

What are the key themes of the Conference? How are topics selected, and in what manner should they be presented?

Dive deeper into the Conference’s projects and explore the different types of presentations.


The 4th International Student Conference is scheduled for March 6 - 10, 2025, in Padova. Register now to secure your spot online.

Who Benefits from Student Conferences?

Student Conferences are primarily designed for students, offering them a platform for both academic enhancement and personal growth. These conferences are pivotal for a myriad of reasons, significantly contributing to the holistic development of students.

Teachers also find considerable value in these conferences. By participating, educators keep abreast of the latest advancements and trends in their fields. The opportunity to engage in presentations, workshops, and discussions not only broadens their knowledge but also refines their teaching capabilities.

Teachers act as mentors, guiding students through the preparation and presentation phases, offering invaluable advice along the way. This mentor-mentee relationship proves beneficial for both parties, enriching the educational experience. Furthermore, teachers gain recognition within the academic community, enhancing their stature as devoted educators and potentially opening doors to new career prospects.

Student Conferences-PRAGUE 2024

International Student Conferences & Competitions

Students research, learn and create.

ELEMASYN® ‘s activities craft unparalleled and enriching experiences for young learners. These events allow students to research, learn, and innovate, delving into the topics at hand.

Beyond the academic benefits, these conferences underscore the importance of coexistence and cultural interaction, reinforcing the idea that peace and mutual respect are foundational to cultural and economic prosperity.

ELEMASYN® is committed to delivering a high-caliber, student-focused conference experience, preparing young minds for future participation in formal academic settings. The conferences are inclusive, welcoming the entire educational community—educators in pursuit of novel insights and interactive, multicultural educational experiences.



More than 200 Schools have participated in ELEMASYN's Conferences



More than 4,000 students take part in our Conferences!



ELEMASYN has collaborated with over than 800 teachers from 7 countries.

International Student Conferences

Research - Creation - Learning

What are Student Conferences?

International Student Conferences are academic events that bring together students from different countries and cultures to engage in cross-cultural learning, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. These conferences give students the opportunity to showcase their research, share ideas, and discuss societal issues on an international scale.

An innovative initiative

These conferences offer several unique and progressive aspects that make them stand out as a valuable platform for students and the academic community as a whole.

Every year a significant number of such actions are organized in Europe.

Educational activities

International Student Conferences are educational activities that serve as valuable components of the learning process for students. These events offer a unique and enriching educational experience with various benefits, contributing to the academic and personal development of participants.

The Student Conferences contribute to the students' intellectual development

Learning and Knowledge Enhancement:

Student conferences provide an opportunity for students to learn about the latest research, trends, and developments in their field of study. They can attend presentations, workshops, and discussions led by experts, which helps expand their knowledge and understanding.

Networking Opportunities:

Conferences bring together students, researchers, professors, and professionals from various institutions and backgrounds. This creates an excellent networking platform, allowing students to connect with like-minded individuals, potential mentors, and future collaborators. Building a network at such events can be beneficial throughout their academic and professional careers.

Skill Development:

Presenting research or projects at student conferences enhances students’ communication, presentation, and public speaking skills. They learn how to effectively convey complex ideas to an audience, respond to questions, and defend their work. These skills are valuable not only in academia but also in various professional settings.

Exposure to Diverse Perspectives:

Conferences often host participants from different cultures, countries, and academic disciplines. This exposure to diverse perspectives enriches students’ understanding of their field and fosters a broader worldview.

Inspiration and Motivation:

Attending presentations by accomplished researchers and scholars can be inspiring for students. Learning about groundbreaking studies and innovative ideas can motivate them to pursue their academic and research interests passionately.

Promotion of Interdisciplinary Research:

Conferences often encompass various disciplines, encouraging students to engage with interdisciplinary approaches. This fosters a holistic understanding of complex issues and promotes collaboration between different fields of study.

Fostering a sense of European identity and unity:

ELEMASYN’s Student Conferences are joint European activities for students that provide valuable opportunities for cross-cultural exchange, academic growth, and international networking. These activities promote collaboration and foster a sense of European identity and unity.

Overall, participating in student conferences is a valuable investment for schools, students, and faculty members. It promotes a culture of research, learning, and academic excellence, while also providing a platform for networking and collaboration within the broader academic community.

Get informed in time and
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Get informed in time and
secure your participation in the upcoming Student Conference

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