ELEMASYN® is an International non-profit organization with headquarters in Athens, Greece.

We organizes International Student Conferences aiming at student activities that broaden students’ intellectual horizons and has a widely known educational vision.

ELEMASYN® offers a diverse educational experience that can have numerous benefits for students and educators alike. By integrating multiple subjects, we provide students with a well-rounded education and help them make connections between different fields of knowledge. Our Student Conferences foster an environment that embraces cultural diversity and promotes intercultural understandingtolerance, and empathy among students and educators. Furthermore, students are exposed to global perspectives and international issues can broaden their horizons and help them become responsible global citizens.

3rd International Student Conference 2024

The 3rd International Student Conference will take place in Prague, one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2000.

The goal of the Conference is for students to get acquainted with the Institution of the European Capital of Culture, to raise their awareness of the huge topic of the Climate Crisis and the journey of human thought from the obscurity of the Middle Ages to modern discoveries.

The 3rd International Student Conference is a significant event for students from various countries to gather and exchange knowledge and ideas in the European Capital of Culture. Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, has a rich history and is known for its cultural heritage, making it a compelling location for academic and cultural events.

By holding an International Student Conference in Prague, the participants will learn about the city’s vibrant academic community, historical landmarks, and cultural attractions. This will be a unique and enriching experience, combining academic learning with cultural immersion.

International Student Conferences in cities with historical significance and a strong academic presence attract a large number of participants, offering them the opportunity to present their projects, collaborate with international peers, and explore the local culture.

Such events contribute to the promotion of international collaboration and cultural understanding among students, fostering global networks and promoting academic excellence.

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A mosaic of Cultural



In the 10 most Sustainable and “Green” cities in the world



From Alchemy utopia to 16th century Astronomy


Participation in the 3rd International Student Conference 2024

Middle School and High School students can participate in the ELEMASYN Conference.

For your participation, it is necessary to book seats on ELEMASYN’s website.
The process is as follows:

Sign Up / Log in

Create an account (registration) on the “MY ACCOUNT” page
If you are already registered, enter the email you signed up with and press “Login”. If you don’t remember your password, then just enter the email you used and press “Reset Password”. You will receive an automatic email to choose a new password.

Book your Seats

Once logged in, go to the “Reserve Seats” page. Choose the places according to the number of students who will participate and proceed to add your details. You will then select a payment method and press “SEND RESERVATION”. You will immediately receive an automatic email that your Booking has been successfully submitted and is on Hold for 10 days.

Secure your Booking

Your Booking is only secured upon payment, which takes place within 10 days from the date of submission. Otherwise, the Booking is canceled to free up the places and allocate them to another School.

Conference Participation

Participation in the Conference To participate in the Conference, the children with the supervising teachers are divided into groups of 35 students and choose the topic that each group will present. Each School participates in one (1) of the Sessions and its presence is necessary throughout the duration of this Session.
At the end of the Session, children and teachers receive Certificates of Participation.

The 3rd International Student Conference will be held in March 2024. Sign up in order to book online.

The 3rd International Student Conference will take place in Prague March 1 - 5, 2024. Only few seats are available. Please contact us if you wish to participate or join our Waiting List.


3rd International Student Conference Subjects

Each student group that will participate in the 3rd International Student Conference 2024 can choose one of the following topics:

Cultural Heritage

Environmental Consciousness

Scientific Reasoning

In Partnership with:

ELEMASYN® is a partner of the Future Classroom Lab program by European Schoolnet.

ELEMASYN® is a partner of the Culture Action Europe.