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4th International Student Conference 2024 Subjects


Welcome to Veneto 2025!

Dating back 7,000 years to the Bronze Age, Veneto unfolds a treasure trove of places that showcase its cultural tapestry. From the iconic frescoes of Padova, the imposing Dolomites, the landmarks of Venice to the serene shores of Lake Garda, the region beckons exploration and discovery at every turn.

Its cultural influence reverberates across the realms of art, music and literature. Luminaries such as Antonio Vivaldi, William Shakespeare and Galileo Galilei left an indelible imprint on global history. From ancient origins to contemporary marvels, Veneto stands as a living testament to a storied past, a vibrant cultural tapestry and a heritage of global significance.

In our 4th International Student Conference, we pay homage to this remarkable region of Italy, celebrating its profound contributions to humanity’s collective heritage.

The main Subject Categories are:

Cultural Heritage

Indicative Topics

Environmental Consciousness

Indicative Topics

Scientific Reasoning

Indicative Topics

Preserving our Past: Monuments of Cultural Heritage

Indicative Topics:

• Uncovering the Historical Significance of Cultural Heritage Sites (CHS)

• Cultural Heritage Sites (CHS) as Sources of Knowledge of the Human Journey

• The Importance of Cultural Heritage (CH) in Promoting Peace and Cooperation

• Cultural Heritage (CH) and its Role in Promoting Social Cohesion

• European Directives and their Impact on the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage (CH) (Council of Europe Conventions: Valletta, Faro, and Nicosia)

• Protecting Cultural Heritage (CH) as a Fundamental Element of Children’s Rights in Education, Cultural Expression, and Cultural Identity

• The artistic and architectural heritage of Veneto

• Veneto’s Renaissance legacy in contemporary art, architecture and cultural policies


Geoparks: Their Geological Heritage and Historical, Economic & Cultural Significance

Indicative Topics:

• Geoparks:
a. As Guardians of Cultural Heritage (CH)
b. As Means of Sustainable Development
c. As Essential for Climate Crisis Resilience

• Geoparks: Agritourism and Geotourism as Models for Sustainable Rural Development

• Geoparks, GeoFoods, Agriculture: Factors in Sustainable Development (UN Goal)

• Geoparks and Education

• Geoparks and Local Communities: Methods of Engagement

• Contemporary Challenges (urbanization, overtourism, climate crisis, wars, etc.) related to the Protection of Cultural Heritage (CH)

• Safeguarding Water Resources: Strategies for Water Management and Conservation

• Clearing the Air: Strategies for Air Quality Improvement in Urban Centers


Elevating Science for the benefit of Humanity

Indicative Topics:

• The Contribution of Science to the Discovery, Preservation, and Conservation of Cultural Treasures

• Utilizing Scientific Advancements to Mitigate the Impacts of Natural Disasters on Cultural Heritage (CH)

• The Need for Digitization of Cultural Heritage (CH) Creations

• Proposals for Developing Modern and Technological Strategies for Safeguarding and Promoting Cultural Heritage (CH)

• Science as the basis for technological advancement

• Veneto: A center for scientific inquiry and innovation during the Renaissance and beyond

• Veneto’s contribution to medical science and global healthcare

• Philosophical continuity: Veneto’s Intellectual Heritage


Seats are limited. A priority order will be followed.

The 4th International Student Conference will be held in Padova, Italy, from the 6th until the 10th of March, 2025. Sign up in order to book online!

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ELEMASYN® is a partner of the Culture Action Europe.