ELEMASYN® is an International non-profit organization with headquarters in Athens, Greece.

We organizes International Student Conferences aiming at student activities that broaden students’ intellectual horizons and has a widely known educational vision.

ELEMASYN® offers a diverse educational experience that can have numerous benefits for students and educators alike. By integrating multiple subjects, we provide students with a well-rounded education and help them make connections between different fields of knowledge. Our Student Conferences foster an environment that embraces cultural diversity and promotes intercultural understandingtolerance, and empathy among students and educators. Furthermore, students are exposed to global perspectives and international issues can broaden their horizons and help them become responsible global citizens.


In Partnership with Culture Action Europe

In Partnership with Culture Action Europe

ELEMASYN® - International Student Conferences, a member of Culture Action Europe!

The 3rd International Student Conference of ELEMASYN®, which takes place in the enchanting city of Prague in March 2024, is expected to be a celebration of culture, knowledge and innovation.

Prague, also known as “the Golden City”, is an ideal place for this educational journey, as it was the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2000. Students will discover its cultural richness, explore its natural beauty and delve into the legacy of the great scientists who lived there. The key, not only to this but also to all ELEMASYN® Conferences, is participation and learning based on genuine interest. Its activities aim to encourage all children to discover and showcase their talents and skills. It continuously provides students and educators with the necessary tools to thrive in an ever-changing world.

At the core of this mission is the promotion of sustainability, climate justice and support for innovation. Cultivating learning based on interest and adapting to dynamic challenges and future needs. Through its thematic focus, ELEMASYN® seeks to inspire students to acquire new knowledge and further cultivate their creativity. “ELEMASYN® wants to inspire every time. It is the principle that guides our commitment to transformative education”, according to the President of the Organization.

Confirmation of ELEMASYN®’s commitment to the promotion of culture is its inclusion as a member of Culture Action Europe (CAE).

CAE is at the forefront of cultural dialogue in Europe. Its core values of integration, accessibility, and sustainability align perfectly with the mission of ELEMASYN®.

Culture Action Europe envisions a pan-European and human-centered community, building inclusive, accessible, free and sustainable structures. ELEMASYN® and CAE, through their commitment to highlighting the value of culture in all its forms, strive for a future of sustainability and innovation. Thus, ELEMASYN® firmly reaffirms its commitment to its central thematic axis, which is the Cultural Capitals of Europe. It takes another step towards enriching the themes of its Conferences. At the same time, it deepens its knowledge of all the individual issues related to Culture, offering experiential learning in depth.

Furthermore, it accepts that there are no “capable” and “incapable” children. It embraces Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, according to which each child has “hidden” some or some of the nine forms of intelligence. It ambitiously, albeit gently, aims to encourage students and assist them in cultivating these intelligences.

This is an educational challenge.
Therefore, a challenge of Culture.


In Partnership with:

ELEMASYN® is a partner of the Future Classroom Lab program by European Schoolnet.

ELEMASYN® is a partner of the Culture Action Europe.