ELEMASYN® is an International non-profit organization with headquarters in Athens, Greece.

We organizes International Student Conferences aiming at student activities that broaden students’ intellectual horizons and has a widely known educational vision.

ELEMASYN® offers a diverse educational experience that can have numerous benefits for students and educators alike. By integrating multiple subjects, we provide students with a well-rounded education and help them make connections between different fields of knowledge. Our Student Conferences foster an environment that embraces cultural diversity and promotes intercultural understandingtolerance, and empathy among students and educators. Furthermore, students are exposed to global perspectives and international issues can broaden their horizons and help them become responsible global citizens.


Exhibition Presentation

Exhibition Presentation

The Exhibition is a significant aspect of the Conference, where students are given the opportunity to combine knowledge with creativity.

It provides an opportunity for students to showcase their skills through various forms of art and projects, such as posters, collages, painting, mock-ups, and any kind of creative approach.

The innovation of the Exhibition lies in the way it combines two different fields: Knowledge and Art, thus creating open horizons for alternative expression and learning.

The opportunity for students to present the results of their research efforts in ways that surpass conventional academic standards stimulates the love for learning and encourages critical thinking.

In the Exhibition, you can choose between 2 types of works:



Mock-up / Craft



A poster can be a collage, painting, graphic design, or visualized information (infographic).

We recommend that the poster created by student teams be in A3 size and in digital format (pdf, png, jpg, jpeg). Schools send us their work, and then we adjust and print it on a floor-standing Roll-up Banner for the Exhibition.

At the end of the Conference, teachers take the banner back to their school.

Mock-up / Craft

The EXPO initiative is part of the Student Conference, where students showcase their inventive projects. These projects can encompass a wide array of subjects, falling under any of the Conference’s three thematic pillars: Culture, Environment, and Science.

Participants are encouraged to bring their creativity to life through various mediums, including but not limited to, clay models, traditional attire, textile art, STEM or LEGO constructions, origami artistry, or paper mock-ups. The sky’s the limit for what students can imagine and create!

Please note that the size of each project should ideally measure around 60cm in length and 30cm in width.

Exhibition Language

All Posters and Creations are exhibited in the specially designed area of the Conference Center (Expo Area). There, a student representing the student team describes their work to the other participants, engages in conversation, provides information, and answers any questions that may arise.

The presentation of the work at the Exhibition may include explanations, images, samples, or any other material that aids in better understanding.

The Presentation at the Exhibition aims, among other things, to encourage interaction among students, to discuss, to ask questions, and to exchange opinions. It is a more “direct” type of presentation, as there is no distance between the audience and the student team. At the Exhibition, students converse face-to-face with their classmates, just as they would at a Poster Conference or a Science Fair.

Therefore, the language the children choose to speak about their work depends on the language of their interlocutor at that specific moment.

Supplementary Video

Schools presenting at the Exhibition should create a ten-minute video about their poster or construction: how they came up with the idea, the steps they followed for construction, and any other information they wish to include.

The video can be in the form of a documentary, interview, including clips from the construction process, and anything else the children can imagine. The video will be included in the proceedings and will be broadcast on the ELEMASYN®’s YouTube channel.

The use of subtitles in the video creation is essential.

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In Partnership with:

ELEMASYN® is a partner of the Future Classroom Lab program by European Schoolnet.

ELEMASYN® is a partner of the Culture Action Europe.