ELEMASYN® is an International non-profit organization with headquarters in Athens, Greece.

We organizes International Student Conferences aiming at student activities that broaden students’ intellectual horizons and has a widely known educational vision.

ELEMASYN® offers a diverse educational experience that can have numerous benefits for students and educators alike. By integrating multiple subjects, we provide students with a well-rounded education and help them make connections between different fields of knowledge. Our Student Conferences foster an environment that embraces cultural diversity and promotes intercultural understandingtolerance, and empathy among students and educators. Furthermore, students are exposed to global perspectives and international issues can broaden their horizons and help them become responsible global citizens.


ELEMASYN® and Future Classroom Lab Partnership

ELEMASYN® and Future Classroom Lab Partnership

Pioneering Educational Innovation

— ELEMASYN® is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking and ongoing partnership with European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab, marking a significant leap forward in our shared commitment to advancing education.

Situated in Brussels, the Future Classroom Lab stands as an innovative and fully equipped educational hub that challenges conventional thinking about the roles of pedagogy, technology, and design within classrooms. This collaborative initiative is dedicated to promoting STEM education, nurturing digital citizenship, exploring novel teaching and learning paradigms and fostering collaboration among schools.

At ELEMASYN®, our unwavering dedication to progress and expansion in the education sector remains at the heart of our mission. We take immense pride in playing a pivotal role in assisting the educational community in preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. Embracing our responsibility as an organization championing the pursuit of knowledge, fostering genuine inclusivity, and advocating for modern learning methods, we are committed to leading the way in educational innovation.

This partnership not only reaffirms our dedication to the future of education but also solidifies our vision as a catalyst for positive change in the realm of learning. It underscores our commitment to shaping a brighter and more promising educational landscape.

“We are excited about the possibilities that this collaboration brings. By joining forces with the Future Classroom Lab, we aim to revolutionize educational practices, inspire innovation, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of learning environments”, said the President of the Organizational Committee of ELEMASYN®.

As we embark on this transformative journey with European Schoolnet’s Future Classroom Lab, we anticipate exploring new educational horizons, fostering innovation and collectively shaping a future where learning knows no bounds.


In Partnership with:

ELEMASYN® is a partner of the Future Classroom Lab program by European Schoolnet.

ELEMASYN® is a partner of the Culture Action Europe.